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Seat at the Gym

Lauren Seat was born and raised in Silver Spring, Maryland.  She was never remotely interested in sports growing up; she hated gym class in school, and always preferred to sit quietly reading, watching movies or hanging out with friends and family than get sweaty.  So how did she become a personal trainer?

In 2009, Lauren went to Brandeis University to get her Masters in Psychology.  While she was there, she became both a foodie and an exercise-enthusiast.  After working with a personal trainer herself for a couple of months, Lauren was hooked.  For the first time she felt coordinated, strong and capable.

By focusing on strength training, Lauren discovered she could avoid the dreaded hours of cardio that she hated. She loved being able to see and feel the gains in strength she got from lifting weights.  Lauren’s interest in fitness blossomed from there; she wanted to know which muscles were working when and why, and she wanted to share her passion for strength training. From that idea, A Seat at the Gym was born.

For the past couple of years Lauren has worked as an administrative assistant at L A R Physical Therapy, observing the necessity of balanced exercise and strengthening individuals recovering from injuries or just looking to improve their overall strength and conditioning.

Now that she’s a Certified Personal Trainer, Lauren loves to use what she learned on her own fitness journey to help others who feel uncoordinated or so out of shape that they don’t know where to begin.  She wants to help those who – like her – hate the idea of doing hours cardio for little gain.  Lauren uses a variety of exercises using bodyweight, dumbbells, exercise balls, BOSU, and other props as appropriate to provide safe, effective and challenging workouts for every client.

Working with a personal trainer just might be the life changing decision you need make to be your healthiest self.

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