Started working with Leigh Roberts in the fall of 2013 in an attempt to get as much of “it” back as I could.  When Leigh went out on maternity leave, a very able Lauren Seat stepped up.

I’m very pleased with their work in me.  Daily multiple areas of pain here…and there, have been reduced to unnoticeable.  Have lost some weight gradually and can reach and bend and do this and that, much easier.  Plus, it’s been fun getting there!  Never thought I’d say that.

Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t happen overnight and the work must be done….by me.  But visit by visit they bring soft understanding with a firm nudge and a plan directed at every corner of my body. 

After 8 months working with them, I have no hesitation sharing good things from my experience with Leigh Roberts and Lauren Seat.”  – John C.

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